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The best wines can be grown in a microclimate that gives the vine special and unique vegetation conditions. Weather and climate affect the behavior of the vine as well as people. He can not cope with extreme weather and is too dependent on his climatic hobbies. French is the most famous word TERROIR.


  • Barsac

    Sauternes and Barsac are the wine regions of Bordeaux, where the world's finest sweet wines are made. White sweet wines, created on the principle of botrytis, thus attacking grapes with noble mold and their subsequent drying. These dessert sweet wines of unsweetened sugar or alcohol are the most elegant and the most sophisticated of their kind.

  • Margaux

    Margaux is the most famous of all the Bordeaux subregions. It is also the largest of all four Medoc sites. The wineries of the Margaux area are exceptional in that they are home to large wines of the 1er Cru classé category, but also to the wines of all five categories of Cru classé. The locality is made up of the municipalities of Arsac, Cantenac, Labarde, Margaux and Soussans.

  • Pauillac

    Pauillac is the most famous area of Bordeaux on the territory of which there are vineyards of three categories: 1er Cru Classé: Latour, Lafite and Mouton. The vineyards here have an excellent orientation to the sun and the royal vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon are here. The wines have a distinctive expression of the taste of blackcurrant (cassis) typical of this variety.

  • Pomerol

    The sleepy countryside of Pomerol is famous for the most expensive wine of the world Chateau Petrus.
    The vineyard varieties Merlot are very well served on this exceptional subsoil

  • Saint Emilion

    Terroir area on the right bank of the Dordogne River, 50km east of Bordeaux.

    Ten kilometers of the village of St.Emilion today there are at least 1000 crushes that can use this designation.

    Here are the wineries that produce top red wines and some of the best white wines Chateau Cheval-Blanc.

  • Saint Estephe

    Most of the St.Estéphe wines have a good structure and are stable for a long time. Their taste for grapes is better than ever before and more pronounced in the young wine. And with five crus classes covering only six percent of the area is a rich source of undecided Bordeaux red wines.

  • Saint Julien

    St.Julien's vineyard is east of the village with a drain to the Gironde. The main vine varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Merlot. Some chateaux produce wines that undoubtedly belong to the category of 1er Cru Classé

  • Sauternes

    What makes all the wines in this area a complexity - to put it a word - is the amount of Botrytis cinerea mold. The climate and low-lying Sauternes hills along with natural warmth and damp climates create natural conditions for botrytide. White Sauternes wines are among the tastiest sweet wines in the world.

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