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Wine glasses, champagne and cognac

Quality wine needs a quality glass. A good glass can be bought from 1,79euro and so there is no reason to limit the wine experience. In current trends, glass goes on higher stems and higher contents, most often in the shape of a tulip with a content above 300ml for white wines and over 450ml for red wines.


  • White wine glasses

    and pink wine is more suitable and more closed, the so-called tulip - slightly elongated type of glass can keep the wine temperature lower and by tapping towards the throat, it accumulates aromatic wine.

  • Red wine glasses

    is wider, "dulcimer", its shape is called "balloon", because it is round with a more open throat, the wine is well aerated in it

  • Champagne glasses

    We pour high-quality, high-quality, light, high-quality glasses. Champagne can also be enjoyed from wide, low glasses.

  • Glass for Cognac

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