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  • Red wine

    The wines are full of aromas of forest fruits and on the palate you perceive them as liquid velvet. They are strong, complex and highly cultivated wines, directly created for good food. The royal variety for this type of wine is Cabernet Sauvignon, the key variety of the great Bordeaux wines. Another variety worthy of attention is Merlot, which is characteristic of the St.Emilion region and Pomerol also from the Bordeaux region.

  • White wines

    of this kind have the colors from pale gold to straw yellow, but they can also have beautiful dark honey color. Buket, often distinctly recognizable and distinctive, can range from ripe apples, apricots and peaches to pineapple and mango, it is with traces of smoke, warm bread and vanilla. These wines are delicious and intense, yet delicate and dry, they are a perfect addition to food. Then comes the time of desserts. And for wine from Sauternes.

  • Vintage

    Good years are the years in which the weather in individual cultivation areas was favorable to making good wine. A good year is also when a good winemaker is able to produce good wine even from the "bad".

  • Terroir

    The best wines can be grown in a microclimate that gives the vine special and unique vegetation conditions. Weather and climate affect the behavior of the vine as well as people. He can not cope with extreme weather and is too dependent on his climatic hobbies. French is the most famous word TERROIR.

  • Drinking glass

    Quality clear glasses from our assortment will definitely find their owner, a taster of favorite red and white wines, cognacs, or other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. We have found the most suitable shapes of glasses. Whether for wine tasting or just a selection for a specific wine, champagne but also something sharper.

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